Moonlit Mermaid Sunless TannerLISTEN UP!!! Remember I only recommend products I ABSOLUTELY believe in and LOVE! Well let me tell you, I’m in LOVE with a Mermaid. Yes, Moonlit Mermaid. THE BEST superior sunless solutions I have ever used. Last night I was so graciously invited to an event tonight where I must put on my fancy pants (or dress, heels, etc) no workout clothes allowed. I wanted a little bronzed look on my skin but didn’t have time for a spray tan. Last night, I applied one coat before bed. The spray bottle made it very handy to apply. Woke up this morning with a lovely tan without harmful rays. This picture does not do justice. Note to self, this fresh from the beach glow starts to appear in only ONE hour so you don’t have to wait very long. The best part… IT DOES NOT have a horrible sunless tanning odor. WINNER WINNER Mermaid Dinner. Thank you so much to the mermaid herself, Tara Witt for creating such an amazing product. Check out her products! You won’t be disappointed.
-Shannon, Fit Mom Diet












 Sunless Tanner ProductsHooray! I did it for the third time last night and I am so tan this morning! I'm getting the hang of it and my tan is looking even better! #loveyourtan - Sunless tanning made easy.



This past weekend my mom and I went shopping for a dress. Admittedly, I am the worst person when it comes to receiving sales pitches. We walked by a booth, and this beautiful woman tried introducing us to this product. I walked right by. Mom stopped. The woman tried applying a test on my forearm and I literally crossed my arms across my chest and said, "nope." She started talking to Mom. She applied this sunless tanner to my Mom's arm and I liked the way it went on, and then the color ISN'T orange!!!! I purchased a set. Applied it Monday and Tuesday, so if you want to see the true color, I don't wear makeup on my arms.
I do want to make it clear to everyone--- this post is unsolicited. I paid full price. But I'm all for sunless alternatives.The creator of this product Moonlit Mermaid is a single-mom who lives in NorCal. She ships!

-Sarah Johns, ABC News affiliate KOLO news anchor

I'm in LOVE with Moonlit Mermaid! I want all of it :)


Best Sunless Tanner ClientB E S T sunless tanner Ever! My belly was white last night. This morning, beautiful tan all from one simple application of Moonlit Mermaid. Go buy some now and stay out of the damaging sun. Best part.... Doesn't smell and my husband and kids can stand to be around me. A fit mom diet favorite and once you try it, it will be yours too!! 


I love Moonlit Mermaid! Fast tan, no smell, no streaking, no orange, just an awesome product! I have always paid full price for mine, but it's well worth every penny.






Alternates To Sun Tanning Lotion“Absolutely the best sunless tanner on the market. I have literally tried everything and nothing compares. I love the way it feels, looks and no smell! Thank you so much!“ 



"I bought it and love it. It's the only one I've ever bought and liked. The color is perfect and I’m white! “


“I tried out the tanner yesterday and I LOVE it!  It's so easy to use and you can actually see when you have missed a spot immediately instead of days later like other tanners.  You and the company will be getting more business from me.  I am hooked!!”


“I will never get another spray tan again. I woke up with great color this morning after a ten minute application last night. This is the BEST self tanner I've ever used! I'm totally addicted!!”
- Jaime


I came across Moonlit Mermaid and was very interested after reading the reviews and seeing the before and after photos. I decided to test it out with a travel size set first and I LOVE IT! It was easy and fast to apply/dry. I am able to get a tan in the privacy of my own home and on my schedule. I habe been showing all my co-workers and they can't believe this was a DIY at home tan. I will definitely be purchasing this product again!


"Just want to thank Tara Witt for creating such an awesome product! I used my Moonlit Mermaid self tanner for the 1st time last night and I LOVE it! I had 27 surgical excisions due to skin cancer between 2010-2011 & therefor have been pale pale pale since. Well those days are over! I have an absolutely beautiful, natural looking tan just in time for my trip to the Virgin Islands! Needless to say, now I have to go swimsuit shopping!" 


I absolutely love this product! I don't get out in the sun anymore and it gives me a beautiful glow! My daughter's direct quote--"You look really nice and not pasty at all!" Buy it, you won't regret it! And I just shared my love with my Y sisters!
-Nancy, Paris France


"Amazing product! It goes on easy. It doesn't streak and has little to no smell. I have used so many others but nothing as good as this. I even use it on my face which typically I am not able to do."


"Funny story... In the car with 7 girls on the way to Napa. Girl #1 says 'sorry I might smell like a spray tan' girls #2 & #3 say 'me too'.
Girl #4 girl says 'OMG I have the best at home sunless tanner!' In unison we all say 'what is it?!' She says 'Moonlit Mermaid!'
Falina & I scream 'OMG we know her & it IS the best sunless tan! Girl #4 lives downtown and I barely know her... She and her best friend use it and LOVE IT!!!!!! She tells everyone about it! She had no idea where it came from and when we told her you make it yourself locally, she was totally impressed!!" 


“I applied it this AM. So easy! The beauty of the spray is that I thought I was using a ton of it but when all done the bottle doesn't look like I have used any. And no smell!”

“Congratulations Tara Witt on an amazing product!”
-Melissa Cabral, CBS Reporter - Good Day Sacramento 








“Great product! I love how it smells and gives you that great summer glow :)

“This is great, I have been doing areas slowly to make sure I come out right. The legs are great and today I did the arms, and so far, so good I shall progress to my face on Monday. Really easy to apply and so far I am delighted with the results… great product!”

Spent today in the pool escaping the heat! I enjoyed my Moonlit Mermaid tan while wearing sunscreen right over the top! Win-Win!”


“Great product! Easy to use! Glowing skin... Summer here I come!”


“I can't say enough about Moonlit Mermaid self tanner!! I am only wearing it in this image and for this photo shoot with Cynthia Ahr. I used to spend an hour to drive to the salon, have someone else spray me, dry off and drive home (hoping I wouldn't smudge, AND smelling like tanner). In a ten minute application, that I do myself at home, I get the best tan I have ever gotten. No more spray tans for this girl!! Perfect for any special function or event, or just for Summer. Sorry if I sound like a commercial, but it's all true!! Lol!!” 
-Jaime Michelle, Fitness Model


“Are you looking for that beach tan glow? Just got mine in the mail, it's so easy to use and you have a nice tan without getting skin cancer! Check it out....great price and it smells nice too :) Thanks Tara Witt!"
"Summa time!!!! Not self-conscious about my white self any longer. Moonlit Mermaid is the real deal. In LOVE with this stuff for the past three months and use it consistently week in and week out. Cute tanks too!!”
-Amy Kelly Fox 


“I am fair-skinned, so I don't want a fake looking color. The product gives you color based on your natural skin tone. In love with my Moonlit Mermaid tan legs!!”


“I LOVE Moonlight Mermaid! I think it's fantastic!”


Almost was in panic mode after I noticed my new favorite sunless tanning solution Moonlit Mermaid was almost empty. Placed a rush order this morning and my solution will be arriving by Friday. So easy to apply WITH GLOVES, no horrible odor like most sunless tanning products and makes your skin bronzed in no time!! I have tried A TON of sunless tanning lotions; this is by far the BEST…hence why I was in panic mode. 


“My daughter has used every self-tanner, wasting SO MUCH MONEY on products that promised great results, but always disappointed! Then we tried Moonlit Mermaid and it was everything Tara said it was! We were blown away by the easy application and amazing results! A natural looking beautiful tan! No streaks, no orange and best of all NO SMELL! We are in love with Moonlit Mermaid!”


Tara, I really love this product! First time no streaks, no orange, no dark knees, ankles etc...no pasty white! The youtube video was helpful! Great investment because I have wasted more money on products I don't like, don't work well and smell strong, so thank you Shannon for the recommendation.


Moonlit Mermaid is the BEST!! I have tried it! The girls and I use it and it doesn't make you orange!! It's very easy, just use gloves and follow the directions. I just did mine and Victoria last night! I recommend it to everyone :) 
-Shannon B.


Love it! Looks great and no nasty smell! I'll refer as many friends to you as I can!


The thing I like most is how fast it dries and that you don't have to worry about streaking from dripping. I also LOVE the exfoliator! It makes my skin look healthier and it helps hide my "flaws". I use the tanner, exfoliator, tan extender and barrier cream. I love them all!


I loved the results. It had great color. I am a believer in the statement "Can't tone it, tan it". Obviously tan makes some of the imperfections a lot less obvious. I love being tan without the time in the sun. I have used it 4 or 5 times and I would give it a score of 10. I was very happy with the results of MM. I actually shared the bottle with friends because I was so impressed! My first experience with a sunless tanner and I loved it. And yes, the how to video was good for me.


This is worth taking my pants down and sharing with you! Working on my sunless tan legs for an event with Derma Health. Moonlit Mermaid saves the day! This is after 2 applications. Yes, the product rocks!
-Shannon, Fit Mom Diet


Tara, I love your product. My fav is the color results! I use all the Moonlit Mermaid products and they're great! I rate my results as a 10. All 10's baby!!


Overall it's fabulous! I look sun-kissed :) Amazing! My husband loves it (for obvious reasons) and I got complete coverage Win/win!


I am nice and brown! I'm loving it and so is my mom and sister! One time and I'm already addicted!!! I have a million friends interested, I'm sending them to your website :)


OMG I haven't tanned in a very long time and did my legs last night. I forgot how amazing this stuff is! My daughter is addicted!


Absolutely love it! Weird to spray on such a thin product and think it's going to work. Smells good, thanks Krystle for the hook up!



I met Tara at David's Bridal last weekend, she applied the self tanner to my arm but I was called away to my dressing room. I was so impressed later that nightthat I just had to find this product! I was in love! After a quick Google search I found it! I placed an order and couldn't be happier! The color looks amazing! Fast shipping! You've gained another life long customer out of me! Thank you!



Both Hannah and I are enjoying our beautiful tans. Healthy and beautiful, and so easy! Smells great and feels so nice! Thank you :)