Directions, Tips & Tricks



Moonlit Mermaid Exfoliating Sea Kelp Scrub Application:
Apply scrub to wet skin in the bath or shower. Use circular motion to slough away dead skin cells. For best results, use an exfoliating glove. Rinse away with soap and water.  

Moonlit Mermaid Barrier Cream Application:
Apply a small amount to cuticles, knuckles, knees, elbows and areas between fingers and toes. Blend smoothly from these areas into surrounding skin for even color transition. Apply prior to sunless tanner application to reduce this problem.

Moonlit Mermaid Sunless Tanner Application:
Apply to clean dry skin. Exfoliate first for best results. Spray 3-4 pumps directly onto skin. Immediately rub in until completely absorbed. For face application, spray solution into hands and rub onto face. WASH HANDS WITH SOAP IMMEDIATELY AFTER ANY APPLICATION

Latex gloves will prevent discoloration of hands. For optimal color avoid showering or any other water submersion for the first 8-24 hours. Typical sunless results last 5-7 days with proper care.


Moonlit Mermaid Tan Extender Application:
Apply liberally to skin as needed. Use daily for best results. This product contains DHA, use sparingly around knuckles, knees and elbows. Wash hands thoroughly after application. 


*This product may stain fine fabrics, wool, spandex, lycra, silk or light hair. Solution on fabric can easily be removed with regular machine wash. Should it come in contact with fabric, rinse immediately.