How long will my tan last?
Skin naturally sheds every few days, so your tan should begin to “fade” after about 5 days.
Can I make my tan last longer?
Yes, there are many steps you can take make the most of your sunless tan. Exfoliating the skin prior to application will reveal a fresh layer of skin prepped for even and optimal absorption.  Following up your sunless solution application with the daily use of Moonlit Mermaid’s Tan Extender promotes the longevity and hydration of your rich bronzed color.
I’ve seen spray tans before and the person looked orange! 
One of our finest selling points is the natural bronze tone to the skin. It truly looks like you’ve just spent a week on the Caribbean. Moonlit Mermaid’s sunless solution works with your natural skin tone to develop your best bronze color.
Will my skin smell like tanning solution?
Our customers rave that the spray solution has little or no smell at all. Promoting it as one of their favorite features!
Sunless tans are pretty expensive, aren't they?
Our 6oz. spray bottle of sunless solution will do approximately 20 full body applications. That’s about $1.60 per tan.
I have a hot date tonight, can I just apply sunless tanner on my lunch break?
From a time perspective, yes you could have great color by this evening. Please keep in mind that sunless spray solution should only be applied to clean, dry skin (no moisturizer). The body naturally produces oils that will inhibit even, optimal results. So it’s best to apply immediately after cleaning the skin.
If I go swimming will it wash off?
Not under normal conditions, although pool/hot tub chlorine may lighten your color. It’s recommended that you wait 12-24 hours before submerging in water.
Will it stain my clothes undergarments?
Prior to rinsing the temporary cosmetic bronzer, it may. Light-colored garments are not recommended when the temporary layer is in effect as the color may transfer from the skin. Washing immediately will likely remove any discoloration.
Can I still get sunburned even though I’m tan?
Your skin has the appearance of a beautiful golden tan, but it is still as susceptible to burning as it normally would be. 
Will it stain my hands?
Yes, the DHA based solution will stain your hands just as will any skin it comes in contact with. It is recommended to wash and dry your hands frequently during application to avoid hand discoloration.  You may also choose to apply the sunless solution while wearing powder free rubber gloves.
Can I use it on my face?
Absolutely! Although it is not recommended to spray the solution directly towards your face, rather spray the desired amount into your hands, rubbing it onto the face similar to applying moisturizer. Your face will develop a beautiful healthy glow lasting for days!
Will it fix my tan lines?
Yes the sunless solution works great at blending in tan lines. Applying it to the un-tanned areas only (this may take a few applications over a few days) until the lines have diminished. Then apply it all over for a beautiful even tan.
--Warning--This product does not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against 
sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of 
skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.” (Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Section 740.19)

Application Directions


Moonlit Mermaid Sunless Tanning Solution 

The easiest and fastest way to achieve a beautiful bronzed tan. Offering a slimming, golden, fresh from the beach glow in just 1 hour!



Apply to clean dry skin. Exfoliate first for best results.


Spray 3-4 pumps directly onto skin. Immediately rub in until completely absorbed. When applying to the face, spray solution into your hands and then rub it onto your face. WASH HANDS WITH SOAP IMMEDIATELY AFTER ANY APPLICATION. 
Application option: Wearing latex gloves during application is a great alternative to frequently washing the tanning solution off your hands.
DHA interacts with the amino acids in the skin cells producing a color change. In this product activation begins immediately after application, replacing any cosmetic bronzers as they wash off and will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. For optimal color avoid showering or any other water submersion for the first 8-24 hours. Typical sunless results last 5-7 days with proper care.
This product may stain fine fabrics, wool, spandex, lycra, silk or light hair. Solution on fabric can be easily removed with regular machine wash. Should it come in contact with fabric rinse immediately. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only. Refrigerating product will extend its shelf life.

Moonlit Mermaid Tan Extender

Has a luxurious feel with a light consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin.  Key ingredients like aloe vera, oat extract, buckthorn extract, and panthenol are skin nourishing additives included in our formulation to help the lotion penetrate deep into dry damaged skin and leave you with soft rehydrated skin. Added Moonlit Mermaid bronzing components will extend the results of your sunless tan.
This product does not contain sunscreen. It does contain DHA, use sparingly around knuckles, knees and elbows. Wash hands thoroughly after application.
Application: Apply liberally to skin as needed. Use daily for best results.

Moonlit Mermaid Barrier Cream

Prevents extra browning on the knees, elbows, feet and cuticle areas, which absorb more cosmetic bronzer and DHA because of the texture of the skin in those areas. 
Apply a small amount of cream to those areas before the sunless tanner application to reduce this problem. Unlike the petroleum based products of the competition, this barrier cream is a high-quality, intense moisturizer that allows for a perfect color blend. 



Apply liberally to palms, soles, cuticles, knuckles, knees, elbows and areas between fingers and toes. Blend smoothly from these areas into surrounding skin for even color transition. 

Moonlit Mermaid Exfoliating Sea Kelp Scrub

Can make your skin feel silky smooth. This scrub is excellent for exfoliating, cleaning and moisturizing your skin. This scrub is a great way to prepare your skin for Moonlit Mermaid sunless tanner.



Apply Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to wet skin in the bath or shower. Use a circular motion to slough away dead skin cells. For best results, use with an exfoliating glove. Rinse away with soap and water.



Exfoliate prior to shaving.