Moonlit Mermaid Affiliate Program

Affiliate FAQ

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Does everyone who applies to the Moonlit Mermaid Affiliate Program get accepted?

Submitting an application to the Moonlit Mermaid Affiliate Program does not guarantee acceptance. Every application is carefully reviewed to determine whether your profile is suitable for our program. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received and you will receive a response on your acceptance or rejection from a Moonlit Mermaid Affiliate Team member within three to five business days.

If I do not have a Tax ID or SSN, can I still apply? What do I enter into that field?

A Tax ID or SSN is only needed for US citizens and permanent residents. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, you can simply enter 123 into the field and you will be able to proceed

Do you send complimentary products to your affiliates?

At this time, we are unable to provide complementary products for review or giveaway. Some affiliates receive personal invitations and are provided with a welcome gift to our discretion. A small selection of affiliates are chosen to receive products for different reasons including product launches, giveaways and blog features.

When and how do I get paid my commission?

Affiliate commissions and bonuses (if applicable) are paid via paypal at the end of the month.

Can I use my own link to purchase for myself?









Affiliate Media Guide


-So you're a Moonlit Mermaid Affiliate, now what?-

As an affiliate your goal is to drive traffic to Moonlit Mermaid shops in order to make more believers out of the every day men and women that would benefit from our sunless solutions. 

-Well, how do I drive traffic to your site?-

There are a lot of ways you can drive traffic to our site, but the best ways are through Text Content and Graphical Content.

Text Content: This can be anything you say about Moonlit Mermaid over the internet (Abiding by the MM Terms & Conditions). Always add your custom link in the context of the content. The link will allow you to generate what is called a Click Through. A click through is a process in which a user clicks through your provided link into our site and allows you to be flagged as a reference. Now, when that user purchases an item from our shop, you will be able to receive commission from that purchase. 

Graphical Content: This is anything we post in the "Creative" Tab that you can find on your LeadDyno Dashboard. Ad Campaigns, Logos and Banners are the most common forms of graphical content. Sometimes we will even throw in a creative piece tailored specifically for affiliates!


-How do I post graphical content to a site?-

Good question. LeadDyno has a built in HTML tool so that you can embed directly into your website or blog. If you don't have a website or blog and you want to promote via social media sites or forums things get a little tricky. Most social media sites don't allow custom embeds because that functionality is often abused by their users. There are still several ways that you can post the images to your social media sites but always remember to post your link with it!

Below I will highlight the simplest way to post creative assets from LeadDyno onto a social media site.


1.  Log into LeadDyno and locate the "Creatives" tab.

2.  Choose the image you would like to use for promotion.

3.  Right click the image you want to use and choose "Save Image As".

4.  Choose the place on your computer you wish to save the image to and click "Save".

5.  Now, go to the social media site you wish to post it to. For this guide I will use Facebook.

6.  Find the button that allows you upload a picture for public view.

7.  Choose the photo that you plan on using for the previously chosen directory.

8.  Upload the photo and post it to the public. Make sure to include your custom link as text content.