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I choose health over vanity!

2 years ago, after much insisting from my boyfriend, I went to the dermatologist to have that small (size of a pencil eraser) spot on my temple checked out. Sure enough, it came back suspect. I was referred to a cosmetic dermatologist for further exploration and testing.They took separate layers of tissue, testing each one (on-site) before going deeper to the next layer. Three hours later, they felt they had gotten it all. The doctor said she had found 5 cancer "clusters" in total and her estimate was they had been growing there for approximately 3 years!!I asked to see the spot before she stitched it. She was VERY resistant and when I looked in the mirror, I understood why!! I...

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Shoulders are the new cleavage!

Sexy, sculpted shoulders are finally getting the attention they deserve. The good news for you is that beautiful shoulders can be attained with a few simple exercises and a healthy diet, no implants needed.

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Tanning all year round

A beautiful tan, all the time! One of the incredible benefits of a sunless tanner is its accessibility all year round. On those sunny, cool days when you feel like sporting a skirt and knee boots or slouch socks and sweat shorts, your legs still look great! Moonlit Mermaid is a California home grown company, so bare legs throughout the seasons are not uncommon to find here.You may be layering a short sleeve t-shirt underneath your hoodie or a loose buttoned poplin under your pea coat. Whatever the case a little bronzed color peaking out makes all the healthy glow difference in the world! No need to be blah, simply because the season has changed. Cover up the essentials and...

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