Enjoy the outdoors - stay happy and healthy!

Summer is here, don't get burned!

We all know that burning your skin for that ultimate tan is just not worth it. Excessive sun exposure causes premature wrinkles, unflattering sun spots and scariest of all... increased risk of skin cancer.

When heading outdoors for some essential Vitamin D, keep your skin healthy and beautiful! Apply a titanium dioxide or zinc oxide based sunscreen during the day over the gorgeous tan you achieved from the Moonlit magic last night. Hydrated skin starts on the inside, so be sure to drink lots of water and cut back on sodas. Don't forget to pack a healthy snack- balanced with fiber, protein and fruit/veggies. Processed foods often contain little nutritional value and cause your skin to appear lackluster as well as increasing your waistline. Burn some calories and get your heart pumping with a favorite activity; a walk around the block, a bike ride on the trail or yoga in the park. Treat yourself well, you deserve it!
Show off this healthy you with your bronzed Moonlit Mermaid glow; at the office, the gym or the next party. Your friends will be impressed with your amazing tan and you can share with confidence, knowing they too will love their Moonlit Mermaid results!  

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